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The Coalition for Wyoming Insurance Solutions for Health -- C-WISH -- brings together individuals and organizations looking for ways to improve access to health insurance benefits. Lead organizations are the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, and the League of Women Voters of Cheyenne. These organizations, along with various citizens, are participating in the search for solutions and in the presentation of the coalition's information.


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Examples of C-WISH involvement in Health Care Solutions:


C-WISH identified three areas that seemed to provide the most promise in resolving problems of health insurance benefits access that we felt could be addressed during the 2009 legislative session. They included:


· Eliminating Discretionary Clause

· Definition of Medical Necessity

· External Review Process


After many meetings, much deliberation, and serious discussion it was decided to present these in the form of two separate bills: the discretionary bill and the medical necessity bill which would also incorporate the external review process. We found some wonderful support from some of our legislators and a few of were interested enough to sponsor these bills. Many of our members volunteered long hours to lobbying for these bills and we successfully got these bills passed into law on March 02, 2009.


What's next?


Please see our page on Pharmacy Benefits Management. This is an issue that we are currently tackling and we welcome support! There is also a draft of the PBM Bill that is coming up and another link covers the fiscal notes on PBM.


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